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Statement of Ownership

It is worth noting that I am writing on my own behalf and NOT on the behalf of any of my employers. The views expressed within the pages of are entirely my own. If I ever do get compensated to write, it’ll most likely not be on this blog. That said – if I ever to wind up with endorsement driven content  you’ll be the first to know (I’ll also probably write a separate piece about the whole experience if we’re really honest).

In the event that I do write content on another blog and repost it here, that too will be clearly marked as a repost (here’s lookin’ at you Global Voices).

Many of my blog posts start out as what I’d like to call Facebook Rant Saplings. I typically begin a discussion on the network and then let a day or so go by to see what discourse, discussion or rebuttal may arise. From there I fill in the gaps with supporting and contradicting articles, research and media placement. In short, if you see similar content on my Facebook or Twitter feeds, I’m likely bouncing a few ideas around – not plagiarizing my own content. For more on ownership, head to Facebook’s Policy pages.

Disclosure of Employment

Currently I enjoy full time employment from Penn Medicine (formerly the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System or UPHS), as well as taking on the occasional part time content strategy work (mostly for local businesses, friends and family).

Again – all of the work here represents my views only and not those of my employers. In the event that I do pull from work done outside of this blog, it will be clearly marked as such and you’ll be the first to know.

For a full list of previous employment, I suggest checking out my LinkedIn.