Connecting the Digital Dots

Every business has its own unique goals – whether you’re trying to introduce yourself to new customers, or trying to break out of the pack and stand out among the crowd. I’m here to help you and your business take advantage of new and exciting digital tools to achieve those goals.

And the best part? We’ll do it through a gaining a better understanding of how and why users interact with your brand online so together, we can make stronger, more informed decisions moving your business forward. 

With a colorful portfolio of clients from academic research institutions and national outreach/advocacy groups to small mom-and-pop businesses, I help clients connect the digital dots.

It’s an overwhelming space that’s constantly changing – but that shouldn’t keep you from using the web to achieve your business and professional goals – both for the short term, and in the long run.

What I Bring to the Table

Project Managment

A Truly Full Circle Approach

From Start to Finish

From client discovery and campaign development to project execution and performance reporting.

Performance Analytics

Big Data Shows the Big Picture

Take the Deep Dive

I’ll make sense of recording and reporting your web traffic – so together we can make better decisions!

Truly Social Media

Make Every Connection Count

Tell Us How You Really Feel

By understanding your goals, I’ll help craft a social media plan that fits your needs.

Modern Web Design

Optimized for Today's Users


I’ll help build a web presence that meets your needs – and hand you the keys whenever your ready to take off on your own!

Yes I have a degree in Telecommunications, and yes I keep on top of the latest trends in digital advertising. Sure, I can build you a responsive design website, or launch your nurturing email newsletter – but on top of that I bring with me an intense interest in the sociology of the web – how it works, why we use it the ways we do, and what that means for society at large. 

It’s not just about knowing how to gain the most Facebook likes or Twitter followers – it’s about understanding what makes a quality web experience both memorable and effective. I blog about it, I speak about it, I dream about it.

I try to help clients by not overwhelming them with buzzwords and jargon, but instead teaching them how to run self-sufficient, smart web presences that learn and grow with their business goals. 

Each time a user interacts with you is an opportunity to learn more about them and their needs. A content strategist can help you connect the dots all the way down the conversion funnel – from short tail Google Searches to long term email nurturing.

These days, thanks to free online tools just about anyone can build a website, start a social media account and send out email newsletters to their colleagues – and I think that’s great.

But sometimes just having a presence online isn’t enough to achieve your goals – after all users still need to:

  • find your website in the first place (Search Engine Optimization)
  • locate the information that’s most useful to them (User Experience and Information Architecture)
  • have the ability to act on it (Actionable  and Engaging Content)
  • use channels of communication that show them how valuable they are (Closing the Loop)

Today’s free drag-and-drop, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editors can only help small businesses and content creators so much – after all if your website is just a glorified business card, your users and customers won’t have the chance to see what makes you the right choice.

Just having the shell of a website without a content plan can leave your users in the dark – and can hurt your business more than it can help – and that’s exactly where I come in. 

Not only can I help you launch or relaunch your web presence – but I’ll also be there to learn how your business works – so together we can choose the best tools for the job.

This might get me in trouble with some of my peers, but I’ll be the first to say that not every business needs a Facebook, nor does every designer need a blog. It’s not about having the most followers and fans, but providing the best experience for ones that will help you achieve your goals!

There are many tools out there to help your users get to know your business – but gaining an understanding of your users’ needs can help you determine which features are best for you.

What're you waiting for? Let's get started!

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