Germany’s Network Enforcement Act: A Wurst Case Scenario

EUGENE –  Typically known for more stringent laws around speech than other western democracies, Germany’s latest push back against the use of social media for inciting violence and sharing extremist messages raises big questions on effectiveness, jurisdiction and legality.

On the heels of the recent Facebook Files leaks, which document the ways ICTs moderate content, new […]

Comey’s Backdoor: What We Got Wrong After Paris

// In this blog post, I’ll explore media and government reactions to acts of terror in both Paris and San Bernardino, California. FBI Director James Comey and California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein suggest radical changes to how we look at cryptography in the United States, often in direct defiance of security and civil rights experts.

A […]

Mad Max: Schrems on Security, Safe Harbor

Every now and then a story comes along that reminds us just how global the internet really is – one that reminds us that even though the pillars of social media hang their stetsons on the western U.S. coast, their reach and impact spans the globe.

This past Tuesday, September 6th 2015, Europe’s top court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) struck down a 15 year old agreement between the United States and countries in the EU. […]

ICANN of Worms – The Freedom to Proxy May Suffer Latest Blow

A major change to the Internet’s global address book ICANN raises privacy concerns around the globe. I’ll shed light on the situation, explore potential consequences and contextualize the debate in a larger discussion around outdated rules in the fastest growing industry in human history.

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