First They Came for Our Zunes

// If private employees must agree to remote access of work issued devices like cellphones, laptops and tablets, shouldn’t the same security measures be in place for our government employees? In this quick blog post I try to look at the DOJ/Apple decryption debacle from another angle.


Comey’s Backdoor: What We Got Wrong After Paris

// In this blog post, I’ll explore media and government reactions to acts of terror in both Paris and San Bernardino, California. FBI Director James Comey and California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein suggest radical changes to how we look at cryptography in the United States, often in direct defiance of security and civil rights experts.

A […]

iMessaged You, and You Alone: End-to-End Encryption

//In this blog post, we’ll look into how your iPhone relies on end-to-end encryption, the differences between symmetrical and asymmetrical keys, and how the DOJ hopes to use this technology to thwart the bad guys. 

If you weren’t too busy buying a new mattress, RV or big screen TV this Labor Day Weekend, you may have come across a story from the New York […]