July 4th

I’m of the opinion that July 4th should be celebrated more like a Jewish holiday. Let’s sit and reread treatises and old revolutionary era letters, feel guilty and then make a concerted effort to do better. I’m all for beer olympics and fireworks, but I think its time for some reflecting.

edit: And lots of food.

Quick Update: In the News

Most of the time I find myself reporting and commenting on tech news. Once in a while, however, I’m part of that news:

For my work with Code for Philly – a Code for America Brigade, I was recognized both on the official CfP blog, and on (a tech blog with a focus on civic engagement […]

It’s Often Transparent in Philadelphia: When Open Government Actually Works

//Ah – the sweet smell of transparency in local government. In this blog post I’ll take a look at a recently released report that was only made possible by bringing together civic actors and civic hackers. Through that I’ll look at the stigma around the word “hacker” itself – hopefully lending some clarity to an […]