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Lurking, Creeping, Stalking: Facebook Turns to Web’s Oldest Signals for Relevance Algorithm Change

// In a June 12th post on their public relations blog, Facebook introduced a new change to their content relevancy algorithm. Software Engineers Ansha Yu and Sami Tas discuss including “how much time you spend viewing a story in your News Feed” when calculating what content to display in your News Feed. In this blogpost, I explore some of the use […]

Online Reputation Management Strategies for Healthcare Practitioners (Sponsored)

//Sponsored Content: Full Disclosure and User Poll at the bottom of this post. 


From the Editor: Sponsored Content and Keeping the Lights On

Sup Nerds,

This will be a quick update, as I’m currently on the road relocating from the Atlantic to Pacific.

Recently, I was approached by a content marketer asking me to host some sponsored content in exchange for social media traffic to my site. While normally I would be completely abject to something like this, especially given […]

Navigating the Web with Zero-Rating is a lot like Driving with a Learner’s Permit

//Recent headlines have trumpeted both the beginning and the end of the free and open internet, depending on who you’re reading. For countries with little to no access, the FCC’s Net Neutrality stance may seem far from relevant but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In this blog post, I’ll explore some angles of […]

#Mobilegeddon as a force for Media Literacy

On one hand: It’s great that Google is forcing the industry to adopt mobile friendly standards. Considering such a large portion of people with internet access ONLY do so through small screens, it’s a great way to provide access to content previously unavailable.

On the other hand: I would argue that it shouldn’t take Google making a major […]

Hungry Hungry HIPAA

In this post I'll explore some of the lesser known ramifications of big data and search optimization in the health care vertical - from the checkout line at Target all the way to nationally recognized health care organizations' marketing efforts. Then I'll layout a few ways users and content marketers can rethink their online behavior in pursuit of a more peaceful coexistence.

Filter Bubble

“The new internet not only knows you’re a dog; it knows your breed and wants to sell you a bowl of premium kibble” – Eli Pariser ‪#‎filterbubble‬

A Bagel a Day

Some mornings you just want a 3rd half of your bagel.

Breaking News?

PHILADELPHIA – Breaking News: Live from Septa route seven, area child’s repeated efforts to pass HR bill #711 (also known as the Mommy, I want a Poptart Bill) are looking futile as discussions enter the second hour of debate. When reached for comment, Mommy D-PA said, “You’ve already had your breakfast, Mommy is playing Candy […]

Reflections on the ’11 Spooky Facebook Thought Experiments

<ramble class=”media-literacy-soapbox”>

I hate to ramble like this, but I’ve just got to weigh in on the ‘spooky’ Facebook social experiment coverage from Fall 2014. […]