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Mad Max: Schrems on Security, Safe Harbor

Every now and then a story comes along that reminds us just how global the internet really is – one that reminds us that even though the pillars of social media hang their stetsons on the western U.S. coast, their reach and impact spans the globe.

This past Tuesday, September 6th 2015, Europe’s top court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) struck down a 15 year old agreement between the United States and countries in the EU. […]

Pseudonyms: Not Who You Share With, But Who You Share As

// In this post I’ll dive into pseudonymity, and the challenges posed by real-name policies that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google put in place. With quips and quotes from the EFF, m00t, Facebook’s Chris Cox and danah boyd, this should be a fun one.

A few things came across my desk this week that brought me […]

Block it to me, Block it to me, RESPECT. (Part 2)

//  Part 1 of the Block It To Me series explored the consequences of using an ad block for users, content writers and advertisers. Part 2 will focus on the ways major ICTs like Apple, Facebook and Twitter are hedging their bets – and stirring up the digital marketing industry – all while returning to basics.

Rotten […]

Block it to me, Block it to me, RESPECT. (Part 1)

// In part one of this series, I’ll explore the pros and cons of ad blocking as stirred up by the latest iOS release. I’ll lay out the arguments for and against using an Ad Blocker on mobile and desktop to help you make a more informed decision. Remember, it is your right to use the […]

iMessaged You, and You Alone: End-to-End Encryption

//In this blog post, we’ll look into how your iPhone relies on end-to-end encryption, the differences between symmetrical and asymmetrical keys, and how the DOJ hopes to use this technology to thwart the bad guys. 

If you weren’t too busy buying a new mattress, RV or big screen TV this Labor Day Weekend, you may have come across a story from the New York […]

Social Security: Facebook Sweeps Latest Zero Day Under the Rug

// In this blog post, we’ll explore implications of the latest Facebook privacy vulnerability, the way media outlets covered the story, and the flippant response from Menlo Park.

In recent years, more and more users the world over are turning to mobile as their primary point of internet access. Well represented in that shift are both […]

A Sordid State of Affairs: Hack

In this blog post, I’ll be examining the recently publicized hack of – a 37 million user-strong social networking site with an unabashedly upfront focus on facilitating marital infidelity. Yup – you read that correctly.

A group of hackers, self-identified as “The Impact Team” are making clear ‘stop-doing-that’ demands, and starting to release user […]

ICANN of Worms – The Freedom to Proxy May Suffer Latest Blow

A major change to the Internet’s global address book ICANN raises privacy concerns around the globe. I’ll shed light on the situation, explore potential consequences and contextualize the debate in a larger discussion around outdated rules in the fastest growing industry in human history.

If Snoo’s Snooze, then the Whole Web Might Lose

As we drift further away from engaging the web in traditionally siloed experiences, key moments like the 2015 Reddit blackout will determine whether or not new websites will survive if they don't take into account the consent of the networked.

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