Most of the time I find myself reporting and commenting on tech news. Once in a while, however, I’m part of that news:

For my work with Code for Philly – a Code for America Brigade, I was recognized both on the official CfP blog, and on (a tech blog with a focus on civic engagement and local involvement). I serve as the Communications Lead for CfP, handling email newsletters and updates, social media engagement and promotion, and blog activity as well.

For those that don’t know, “Code for Philly is what happens when civic minded developers, designers, coders, organizers and communicators come together to build a better Philadelphia for everyone. We apply our skills as technologists to problem solve alongside members of our communities and local government. We use technology as an act of citizenship to make Philadelphia the city we want it to be.

We meet weekly, alternating Tuesday and Thursday evenings, to work on a variety of projects, working towards a better, more connected and open city: PHL 2.0.

We welcome and encourage everyone with all skill levels to participate as we are firm believers in getting your hands dirty and learning by doing.”

While I would love your clicks on the links above, I would love it even more if you took the time to learn about your local Code for America brigade.

Find it, get involved, and start hacking. Make a difference.

For more info on CfP, check out my blogpost on open governance.